Medium-Large Dealerships

HI-DEF is the new Industry Standard for used car dealer management software. It centralizes your data and streamlines your work flow by combining the key areas of the dealership into one easy to use system.

ADPro HI-DEF offers universal connectivity to all your web resources,
e-mail, CRM and accounting needs… everything you type can be utilized wherever needed throughout your dealership.  Because all key areas are now centralized, you can now track everything from the initial e-mail lead of a prospect to the bank deposit slip of their down money!

Audit Trails

Audit trails allow you to automatically track changes as they occur. Gives you 100% accountability with your staff and allows you to track data changes on a record by record basis. This applies to vehicles, customers, deals, vendors, employees and transactions.  Date, time and user information is recorded every time key information is added, changed or removed.

Deal Management

ADPro allows you to manage Cash, Wholesale, and Finance Deals. All details about the deal are easily visible from one screen and navigation is very intuitive and comprehensive. You can quickly roll payments if needed and easily print ALL your forms to either a laser printer or impact printer as needed.  Viewing your profit on a deal is easily broken down by vehicle, reserve, trade, Insurance and commissions. Using the optional Accounting Module, you can automatically post each transaction to your General Ledger with the click of a button.  Commissions can be calculated and tracked as well as posted to payroll payables. Optional Modules allow you to expand into BHPH, Repair, Rental and Lease deal types.  And if you have multiple locations, each deal can be separated by location.

Digital Deal Jackets

Our Digital Deal Jacket stores all the documents related to a sales transaction.  These are NOT a replacement for the physical deal jacket, just a companion to them. These documents can include vehicle Titles (sold & trade) as well as drivers license, registration cards, carfax reports, vehicle photos, and shipping docs. Audio & video clips can be stored as well and these documents can easily be faxed, e-mailed or reprinted at anytime.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Reporting is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to dynamically change the information that appears in each column. This allows for an almost unlimited list of report options ON THE FLY and you can save your favorites for instant use when needed. All reports are sortable, and can be easily emailed, faxed, exported to Excel or saved as a PDF document. Another new feature is the ability to sub-summarize by various key fields, such as “vehicle”, “lead source”, “lender”, etc.  This allows for more useful information than just the totals

EasyNav Interface

The EasyNav Interface is the key to our success. This unique interface allows you to easily find and focus on what you need to do. All functions are clearly marked and exposed…no “mystery meat” navigation or options hidden behind confusing or non-relevant menus. It is VERY intuitive and in most cases, allows you to go from one task to another in 3 mouse clicks or less. EasyNav is the true definition of “User Friendly” and will be the key reason you and your staff will enjoy using ADPro.

Employee Management

Manage your employees and their access privileges as well as track schedules, appointments, deals and transactions. From the hire date to termination date, all activity is PASSIVELY tracked while allowing you to measure performance. Even terminated employees are maintained and customers can be easily reassigned to current employees. Access Privileges can be set on a per person basis and gives the administrator complete control over who can see (or edit) what information.

Internet & E-mail

ADPro allows you to interact with the Internet and check your e-mail without ever leaving the program. This allows you to check for new e-mail leads AND reply to those leads with pre-configured responses & additional photos in just seconds. The integrated web browser allows you to quickly visit your web site or other web sites and perform automated functions based on the vehicle, customer or deal you are currently editing.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is quick and simple with ADPro. To add a new vehicle, just type in the new VIN# and click a few buttons to describe the vehicle options & equipment.  You can quickly add up to 50 pictures per vehicle as well as print window stickers, bookout sheets easily track expenses, leads, and even vehicle valuations.   A key part of being HI-DEF compliant is the ability to interact with online inventory resources.  With ADPro, you can instantly upload your current inventory to all your Internet advertising sites or you can email details about one or more vehicles to prospects with the click of a button.   Inventory is DIRECTLY integrated with your company’s accounting operation so adding expenses to a vehicle automatically enters as a Bill To Be Paid in your accounting.  Also, writing a check from the accounting side for inventory related expenses will automatically appear on the inventory cost for the vehicle.

Lead Management/CRM

The CRM & Prospecting tools in ADPro were designed to be intuitive, passive and automatic. This means it works in the background with little specific instructions from the user. You can see alerts as you receive new online leads.  They are centralized from all your current online Lead Sources such as,, your website, etc. Once imported into ADPro, leads can be automatically or manually assigned and followup events (e-mail, phone calls, appointments) are scheduled based on the unique preferences set for each lead source.  Followup letter templates are included PLUS you can create your own.

Missing Stips/Docs

Keep those deals flowing by staying on top of those annoying “drag your feet” customers that hold up loan approvals or funding. Our Missing Docs & Stips Tracking feature lets you easily track what stips are missing and then generate a report of all deals with those missing stips or documents. No more deals falling through the cracks or long delays in funding!

Tasks and Appointments

ADPro has a complete and fully integrated multiuser calendar built in. This allows you to plan and schedule events, tasks and appointments and even has built in alerts and reminders.  Users can be restricted to seeing only their events or selected users or all users.

Vendor Management

ADPro passively tracks the profiles and activity of all your vendors including wholesalers, auctions Lenders, warranty companies, Insurance vendors and ad sources. Keep track of contacts, e-mail correspondence and more.  Your vendor lists are automatically updated as you use the program to buy vehicles and pay bills.  

Window Stickers

Window Stickers are a great way to inform prospects about the details of your inventory both during AND after business hours. Use our integrated Window Sticker feature to print professional stickers and Buyers Guides at a fraction of the cost of using an outside agency. And even better, you get the stickers WHEN YOU NEED THEM not just once a week. Our full color stickers are customized using your existing logo and are printed on high quality, self-adhesive labels.  Our Buyers Guide are fully compliant and we offer Spanish Buyers Guides if required.

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January 23, 2014